In 1993 a group of young men joined together to form the Maahad Daawah Group. Their sole objective was to attend to the
plight of the poor and needy residing in the famine stricken areas of Kenya. It was decided as members, we work with the local
communities regardless of their race, gender, nationality or political opinion, MDO is entirely focused on eradicating poverty
with the sole aim of seeking the pleasure of Allah (Subhana’wata’Allah).

This initiative was very well received by the Overall Muslim Community of Nairobi, with an over whelming support. This led to the group  taking on a more robust approach to assist the needs of the poor and ventured into the areas of Child Sponsorship, Assistance to Poor Widow, Provision of Medical Bursaries, and distribution of Iftar food packages in the month of Ramadan, as well as distribute Udhiyya Meat during  the festival of Eid-ul-Adha across Kenya.

From Maahad Daawah Group to Maahad Daawah Organization In 1999, with the growth of the various programs country wide,
Maahad Daawah Group decided to accept more members and volunteers, thus, forming an a tax exempt NGO – Maahad Daawah Organization.


Currently, our main focus and emphasis is on the construction of the Al Furqan Towers (ATR) (Waqf Project for Al Furqan Training Institute). Alhamdulilah, The Construction is ongoing, and has reached the basement foundation stage. We are coming up with various innovative ideas to raise funds for the ATR.

Thus, The first ever Halal Trade Expo was held at the KICC on 18th & 19th November last year, where various businesses got an opportunity to showcase their products and services. Alhamdulillah, it was a success.
Our other activities; Student sponsorship, Iftar, Zakat, Udhiy’ya, Widow Welfare, Medical Sponsorship, etc are all ongoing.
The current drought we face as a country, requires an all inclusive participation. I humbly appeal for your duas and contributions towards our programs.
Your unwavering support has enabled
● Many sick to get medical attention,
● Orphans and needy get education
● Widows get financial assistance..

Sheikh Is'hak 


Scholar of Islam in Hadith Sheikh Is'hak has been with Maahad Daawah since its inception and continues to offer strategic leadership helping Maahad to archive its goals. His efforts culminated to what we call Maahad today.

Ibrahim Athman


With enough experience in NGOs and humanitarian process Ibrahim has brought the much needed expertise to Maahad at the right time. His generous efforts have seen rise of Maahad to intentional standards. 


Shafii Mithwani


From the word go Shafii has been instrumental in the management and organization of Maahad activities countrywide providing logistics and direction in the execution of Maahad programmes annually 


Maaha Daawah Organization is a fully certified and Incorporated NGO by the NGO board.Furthermore KRA has issued us with TAx exempt certificate, all donations are not taxable and go direct towards charity causes.