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All praise is to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala the Cherisher, Sustainer and Provider of the Universe. Peace and blessings be upon the Holy Prophet, his family and companions. The Maahad Daawah was formed when a few Young Men desirous of increasing their Islamic knowledge started attending darsas at the Maahad (Gti Pangani) every Wednesday. The same group of young men formed the Maahad Daawah Group to formalise their activities. Their sole objective was seeking the pleasure of Allah (Subhana’wata’Allah) with a focus on eradicating poverty through education and to attend to the plight of the poor and needy Communities in Kenya. It was decided as members, we work with the local

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Park Road Mosque and Madrassa.

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Maahad Daawah

Assalamu Aleikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

The name Maahad Daawah is synonymous to spreading Daawah to our own Muslim brothers & sisters and by Allah’s mercy, other denominations join us in our progress towards an educated society. Our Daawah programs are centered around the fact that people need to know what Islam is all about as well as to remind ourselves and others.

wa dhakir, fainna Dhikra Tanful Mumineen…. (But ˹continue to˺ remind. For certainly reminders benefit the believers. )

Allah says

Our Objectives:

A not for profit muslim organization with a simple cause of alleviating poverty. The main objectives are as follows:


1. To provide secondary school bursaries to the orphans and needy students.
2. To operate children's feeding centers and health facilities
3. To operate Educational and Vocational training Institutes.
4. To provide relief and rehabilitation to the needy.
5. To uplift the economic standings of the populace, by starting self help projects and making them
6. Programs for Poverty reduction in the society.

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