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All praise is to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala the Cherisher, Sustainer and Provider of the Universe. Peace and blessings be upon the Holy Prophet, his family and companions. The Maahad Daawah was formed when a few Young Men desirous of increasing their Islamic knowledge started attending darsas at the Maahad (Gti Pangani) every Wednesday. The same group of young men formed the Maahad Daawah Group to formalise their activities. Their sole objective was seeking the pleasure of Allah (Subhana’wata’Allah) with a focus on eradicating poverty through education and to attend to the plight of the poor and needy Communities in Kenya. It was decided as members, we work with the local

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Park Road Mosque and Madrassa.

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Maahad Daawah collects zakah from Muslims and utilizes these much-needed funds in the following vital areas; Student Sponsorship, Assistance to Poor Widow, Provision of Medical Bursaries.


• Kenya faces a number of serious problems, including widespread poverty, and lack of access to healthcare. One of the biggest challenges in Kenya is to make healthcare available to all of its citizens. With approximately half its population living in poverty, Kenya struggles to provide access to basic healthcare services and medical treatment to its citizens, especially those living in rural communities and the densely populated slums. In fact, only 20 percent of Kenyans have health insurance, meaning 35 million Kenyans are without good healthcare coverage.
• One of the primary goals of Maahad Daawah is to provide greater access to healthcare and wellness services for Muslims living in poverty, to improve often their access to health services.
• Health is a very big challenge as you are aware, and we are always overwhelmed with the number of limitless cases that we receive on a day-to-day basis, Request for Medical assistance is on the rise, and more support is required


• The increasing cost of education is pushing the goal of “Education For All” (EFA) beyond the reach of more and more children from poor families, leading to a steady increase in the number of dropouts. At the same time, media organizations have published alarming reports of students engaging in social ills, such as arson in schools, riots, delinquency and drug abuse.
• At Maahad Daawah Organisation, both boys and girls are sponsored from all across Kenya ranging from Primary to University. They are sponsored for both Islamic and secular education.
• Alhamdulillah with your help, to date over 1000 bursaries for school fees have been issued. This should be a source of pride for our donors!

Welfare Programme

• Our welfare programs include providing support to our widows, aging mothers and physically challenged, who in turn support their families. This group suffers insecurity, economic hardships, social discrimination, degrading treatment as well as physical and mental abuse among other challenges.
• These challenges could be mitigated by providing them with alternative sources of income that would afford them a level of liberty and dignity in their lives.
• Some of the funds collected in the Maahad organization, are used for the purpose of empowering these vulnerable groups and improving their lives. With Allah’s help and then your donations, we provide a lot of support to our mothers and sisters.

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