How You Can Become an MDO Volunteer!

There are many ways you can volunteer at MDO in order to support our multiple projects. From one-time opportunities to ongoing partnerships, your involvement on behalf of the needy can start a ripple of change – changing the lives of the needy and the future we all share.

Volunteer For Events

  • Qurbani – Maahad Daawah Organization pioneered the bringing of live goats to our Muslims’ doorsteps in Nairobi, slaughter for them and give them the meat for their distribution.

    This program endeavours to bring, good quality sacrificial animals closer to the Muslim Ummah, at an affordable and reasonable price. It also saves them time and money, in looking for such animals. Together with the above, the proceeds from this program assist in running our various Daawah and Education Sponsorship programs.

    In addition, MDO has been collecting funds and buying the live animals for sacrifice from remote places and distributing the meat shares to the needy and marginalised Muslim communities

  • Iftar distribution – Maahad Daawah collects funds for IFTAR distribution every year and distributes the food parcels which contain dry food items weighing about 40 kilograms to feed a family of 5 persons for the entire month of Ramadhan.

    In some of the areas (Tana River District & Bura), the plight of our brothers is heart rendering. Clean water which we take for granted and waste it without abating an eyelid, is a gem for our brother 500km from where we are seated.

    We realize that relief food is not enough, but we need to think of long term, for ways of improving their living standards. Either by education, subsistence farming, Irrigation, etc., achievable by partnering with other organizations. For how long can we sustain or continue sending food parcels?

    We urge you to make Dua and continue assisting our brothers throughout the year either through Maahad Daawah Organization or other similar organizations.

  • ATI graduation – Al Furqan training Institute (ATI) in Maili Tisa – Kajiado County is our flagship project where our vision of “poverty alleviation through education” is being pursued; conducts annual graduation ceremony for our students after having completed 6 years of High school education level of Islamic Studies as well as the Form IV curriculum.

    Alhamdulillah as of 2019, 231 students have graduated from ATI, who have further assimilated with the society and increased in their knowledge by going to Universities in Madina, South Africa and Sudan

  • Fundraisers – All our Fundraisers are meticulously planned for, organized and executed by the Majlis and with full Majlis support. Our Fundraisers are organized for specific projects as well as continuous projects. The methods used are: –
    • Mass emails to donors,
    • Adverts in Islamic local print media,
    • Door to door visits by members,
    • Food bazars by our Sayyidat (Ladies’ Group), sales of cooked food after Friday prayers at Park Road Mosque,
    • Auctions of items,
    • Cycling events such as the Cycling Relay from Nairobi to Maili Tisa on 15thApril 2018 as well as the Pedal to Hajj marathon for the period from 9th June 2019 to 28th August 2019.

Volunteer For Social Media

  • Social Media –Are you a social media celebrity or have a large online presence? Then please help promote MDO projects and campaigns through your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.
  • SEO Services – Can you help us improve our ranking on Google and other major search engines? Perhaps you can provide a link to MDO on your website or blog?
  • Content Creation & Marketing –If you have a popular blog, please write some articles about MDO’s projects and encourage your readers to spread the word!
  • Design & Creative Services – Are you good at Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or other graphic design tools? Then please help us develop banners, brochures and other artwork for our ongoing campaigns!
  • Video & Animation Services – Are you a video wizard? Perhaps you can develop an awesome video which will create awareness of MDO’s projects?  
  • Online Advertising – If you’re good at Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, or Mobile Advertising, you could be a great help in promoting our campaigns, insha Allah. Please do get in touch with us! 

Contact us for more information on how you can volunteer!