We, at Maahad Daawah, are striving for self-sufficiency so that we do not have to constantly rely on donations from the Muslim community. One of the ways by which we hope to achieve this is by establishing Al Furqan Towers (ATR).

Once complete, ATR will consist of both residential flats and commercial offices, which will be available for rent to the community. Maahad Daawah will utilize the rental income from ATR in order to continue our noble projects, insha Allah!

Purchase a Brick and Help Us Attain Self-Sufficiency!

You can help us achieve our goal of self-sufficiency by helping us complete Al Furqan Towers, insha Allah! We require 50,000 bricks to complete the project. Please help us by purchasing 1 brick!

One brick costs $50 USD!

Jazakum Allahu khair!