Al Furqan Towers

The Maahad Daawah Organization through its affiliate, The Al-Furqan Training Institute in Maili Tisa, Namanga in Kajiado County is committed to eradicating poverty by providing quality education to the needy, marginalized & under privileged students.

The Institute provides 5-year minimum Integrated Syllabus incorporating a strong foundation base of Islamic Religious Education integrated with KCSE syllabus. The Maahad Daawah Organization, the main sponsor of The Al-Furqan Institute has a massive task of sustaining the recurrent, repairs, renovation and development expenditures totaling between 1,350,000 to 1,600,000 monthly.

The total student population of approximately 150 boys, with total academic staff of 15 and subordinate support staff of 10 people, mostly housed at the Institute’s premises backed by The Head Office team of 3 and morally guided by the Board of Governors .

The funding of the monthly recurrent expenses is generated by the Students sponsorship funds, MDO funding through its Income Generating Program and the parents contributions.

Majority of the Students with high primary grades of between 300 to 350 marks are from marginalized communities and under privileged families. The parents, who are mostly low-income earners, are farmers, livestock headers, casual and unprofessional workers who are normally financially burdened to sustain educational needs of their children to pursue secondary/ higher education.

The project will Insha Allah provide for those already enrolled and can accommodate addition students to give the right education and tarbiya (social/ Islamic upbringing).

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