Monthly Rations

A total of 72 families are given monthly free rations within the Nairobi area, A total of Ksh 3.7 Million was spent for the Year. 


We spent an amount of Ksh 1,136,500 during the year in the welfare and upkeep of Widows and old age persons.

Medical Assistance

Health is a very big challenge as you are aware and we are always overwhelmed with the number of limitless cases that we receive on day-to-day basis, so far we have disbursed Kshs. 3.8 Million medical expenses. Request for Medical assistance is on the rise, more support is required.

Student Bursary 

Through your zakat contribution, many students have been able to pursue their education. Kshs. 10.7 million was disbursed during the year.

Borehole Drilling 

Last year, we also undertook to provide fresh water by digging a shallow well , in conjunction with Al-Khair Foundation in the Ukambani Area.