Ramadan is a month of joy and blessings. It is also the month to especially help those who are struggling to feed their families. Each year with your help we give food packs to those in need.  Families who have no money and no access to benefits.Our annual Ramadan campaign enables people to share the joys and blessings of the holy month with families across the country.
The donations we received last year alone allowed us to distribute over 2460 food packs in 30 counties.

Maahad Daawah is hoping to raise for the relief of those less fortunate so they can have a proper Suhroor and Iftar.
We are hoping to raise enough with in Ramadan so we can get the food pack ordered & given out for the ease of their fast.
You can contribute to this program in several ways:

Donate cash to be used to cater the dinners (preferred).
Contribute cash to purchase supplies (plates, cups, spoons, napkins, or dates).
Bring dates, fruits, bottled water or ice.
Volunteer to assist in daily set up, clean up, & generally provide service to others.

Whoever enables a person to break fast - will receive the full reward of the fast. Let the blessings flow!