In 1996, an initiative was undertaken to offer the youth, a Comprehensive Aalim Course integrated with the secular secondary Education, KCSE and basic Computer Training. The project was rolled out with an initial intake of 25 students.

Today our Institute is located at Namanga 20 Kilometers from the Kenya - Tanzania border, Maili Tisa Area Kajiado County.
The school provides  a conducive Environment for our young boys to learn.

We offer the students the National Kenyan Government Curriculum KCPE & KCSE System under the principles of Islam. The core goal is to teach the children in a way that they are able to sustain themselves and also are of good moral Islamic character.

In 2011 The KCSE Curriculum was introduced at Al Furqan Institute. 2 years Arabic lang- uage and Quran studies. 3 year Higher Islamic Education. Final year is for a crash course in KCSE Certificate, regular secondary subjects are taught during the other years.