Qurbani & Udhiyya Program


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2015 Maahad Daawah Udhiyya Program

Each year hundreds of Muslim Families perform their obligation for Udhiyya. Maahad Daawah Organization (MDO) plays a heavy role in making it easy for many not only to purchase livestock but also assists in the slaughter and distribution of meat to various regions in Kenya where beneficiaries in need do not have much access to meat. We can deliver right to your door!

MDO collects funds and works tirelessly in making sure your Udhiyya reaches the right place. We slaughter and distribute meat under strict member supervision during and before the Annual Islamic Festival of Eid-ul-Adha. Click Here for Bank Details!


  • (Kindly Note: One Share Equals One Person & NOT One Family. One Share equals One Goat).
  • Please Note: Prices for livestock depends upon its actual size. Maahad Daawah Organization ensures to give you the best animals in according to the shariah. All livestock are checked and made sure they are in accordance with Qurbani/Udhiyya Requirements. All sales are non-refundable and final. Slaughter fees are not included with the animal. Livestock are available on a Pay & Collect Bases at specific collection centers. Maahad Daawah Organization can also deliver for you for a nominal cost to individuals or organizations. Kindly contact our office for more information.
  • All Udhiyya / Qurbani Cheques Must be made to Maahad Daawah Organization prior to Slaughter Date. (All Payments are Exempt from Tax). Contact Maahad Daawah Organization for more information on procedure.




(Maahad Daawah Organization, Standard Chartered Bank, Account Number 01020 1866 9300, Muthaiga Branch, Swift Code SCBLKENX)

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